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We are an Investing Anomaly!

Nobody can compare with what we offer!

If you read our magazine each month you will notice that we offer a great return on investment tied to real estate.

I often wonder what our readers think of the information we put out. Sometimes in meetings we get the question, “What makes your offer possible?”

The answer is, “Speed.”

Speed is a simple answer to a complex question. We have figured out that the best deals come with our ability to take it down immediately. Our private investors make it possible for us to become an investing anomaly in the marketplace! Because of speed we can make an offer that nobody else can compare to.

Our Private Lenders Are Our First Priority!

Our private lenders are our first priority in this business, because they are the fuel to the engine.

As one of our coveted private lenders you will always get paid before we get paid.

We’re not making money by charging you to invest your money. We are making money by investing your money in a real asset, with real value, insured four different ways, executing with a team that has a proven track record.

Speed of Money!

We have figured out that the speed of money is more important than the cost of money. Essentially how fast we can execute on a deal is the reason our private lenders get paid so well.

Unlike other investments where your capital goes up and down in value with the marketplace. Investing with our team produces a rate of return that is put in writing and then executed against.

Tax Deferred Or Tax Free Forever!

The cherry on the top, is that we are now able to add into your investing equation, the ability to use your IRA or 401(k) to invest — either tax deferred or in the case of the Roth IRA, tax free forever.

Like I said, there is nobody that can give you a better offer than we can. As a matter fact, if you come across a better offer please contact me at (608) 306-1199, as I want to meet the person who has made you that offer. I will also pay for a dinner out with your family to the restaurant of your choice (a $500 value).

Baseline is 5 Points +7% Per Year!

Remember, our baseline is 5 points +7% per year. If you would like to plan a meeting with us, to go over all the details of how we can give you a better opportunity, feel free to reach out to me at (608) 306-1199.

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