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Why We Invest In Real Estate?


A Comprehensive Approach

Real estate is a favorite investment tool because it has important characteristics.

  1. Real estate is a real tangible investment that is backed by insurance.

  2. The government understands the value of quality housing stocks and has provided incentives through depreciation to help maintain that value.

  3. Real estate in the United States has consistently gone up in value since the inception of this great nation.

  4. Even in the largest downturns in the real estate market, the downturn rarely last longer than three years.

  5. Real estate has the tangible opportunity to increase the value of through better management and rent increases over time.

  6. The last and biggest reason we love real estate as an investment is the ability to physically control and improve the asset to improve its value.

Many other investments do not have these opportunities and do not lend to such opportunities for growth and safety.

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