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How Deals Work with REIR

We locate and purchase highly profitable lots in “up and coming” areas of La Crosse County.

REIR’s Design Team chooses the most popular/trending blueprints and builds our spec homes with superior style and efficiency in mind.

REIR presents the Investor with available Deals to invest in.

We help match the Investor to a deal that matches their Financial Capability and Timeline.

1. The Investor wires the money or sends a check directly to the Title Company.

2. You NEVER give REIR a check; your money always goes directly to the Title Company.

3. Five Points (Five Percent) is immediately attached to your initial Investment Amount starting the day you wire/send the check to the Title Company.

Your investment amount immediately is increased by 5%. ($320,000 Investment automatically turns into $336,000. Then you start earning 7% on that $336,000 annually).

4. Title Insurance is applied to the Property. Title insurance protects the Investor by guaranteeing a sale-able title.

Hazard Insurance is applied to the Property. This covers possible damages by unforeseen events.

5. Investment is Complete, now a Note & Mortgage is attached to a Real Property.

You will receive Official Copies of your Note and Mortgage in the mail from the Title Company.

Building Begins. Our Team will start the Project and keep you updated along the way.

Prior to completion we will begin marketing the home.

6. Project Completion. The Home is finished, and our Design Team will stage the house and it will be listed on the MLS.

7. Sale or Refinance of the Property. Once the Home is under contract, we will inform the Investor of the Closing Date.

If keeping the home for inventory we will Refinance and Pay Off the Investor.

Investor will sign a notarized Satisfaction of Mortgage.

8. The Investor’s Return check is sent to them directly from the Title Company.

Again, your money only flows securely to and from the Title Company.

9. Once the Investor has their Capital back, they have no obligation to start another deal with REIR unless they choose to do so.

However, we are confident that after you see the return that you just received by doing a deal with REIR, you will be anxious to start another deal with us right away!

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