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Does Your Retirement Portfolio Actually Rise?

Does Your Retirement Portfolio Actually Rise?

One of the hardest things about stock market investment portfolios is the fact that whenever there is growth it goes unnoticed. When you don’t pay that much attention to it you have a sort of ‘peace of mind’ and some bragging rights. At that moment the world is full of roses and sunshine and you definitely don’t need the money. Then something surprising happens (...Covid) and then as soon as the stock market goes down substantially, your focus quickly bears down on the fact that your gains are gone. And at the same time, some need for capital has risen it’s ugly head, just at the wrong moment. This is the “Can you ‘gut out’ the wait?” question that always arises. You didn’t save for all these years to NOT be able to spend your hard-saved dollars when you want or need to. The question is, what else is there to invest in with a great return and not turn your stomach into knots with every stock market ride?

Get Your Investment Back with Your Gains

That is where we come in... the capital that you invest into one of our real estate projects has a percentage return, and a date when you receive your investment back with your gains. The ‘days out’ to achieve your returns are on a 360 day or less cycle. Each time you invest in a real estate project with REIR, your money returns to you with actual growth even when the stock market dips.

Gut-Wrenching Roller Coaster Rides Are For Amusement Parks

The answer to the question, does your portfolio actually grow, is completely different when you invest in one of our projects. You do not need to re-balance as we return your funds once the deal is completed. You do not need the gut-wrenching portfolio roller coaster of being up one week and then losing 20, 30, or 40% the next. Get rid of your negative stock market situation and get a great return on investment tied to a real property.

Still Earn When the Stock Market Retreats

Investing with REIR is a huge advantage for some, because when the stock market goes down, you still know that your capital is still earning a nice return and you don’t have to look to see how much you have lost.

And when you need capital you get your principal back with your increases at least once a year, in some cases even more often.At that point, you can choose to reinvest and grow it again.

Actually Grow Your Portfolio!

Receiving growth in your portfolio is a huge advantage that we offer at REIR. Wouldn’t it feel great on the next stock market downturn to know your investment is still growing because you had the foresight to invest in real estate?

— Joshua Dudgeon

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