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Where to Fix First

I believe firmly that the woman is the driving force behind a home purchase. I would go so far as to say that even a man buying a house without a wife or girlfriend is buying that house in preparation for obtaining a wife or a girlfriend. So the most important things in any home sale preparation are directly linked to the desires of women. To illustrate this point, even more, I was at a real estate conference where we walked through several homes in need of repair and the instructor would not allow the men to comment on what needed to be done. Only the ladies got to decide. So what needs to be addressed in prepping a home for sale?

Through my experience you should start in the kitchen. Having a clean or recently updated kitchen is likely the most valuable bang for your buck.

Currently having white cabinets or painting your cabinets with a really high-quality white cabinet paint is fashionable. Changing the counter-top if needed, and installing a nice tile back-splash, as well as, adding a brand new classy-looking faucet are probably the most inexpensive fixes you can do for the greatest value increase to the property. Making sure all the appliances match and if you must replace any make sure that they’re all stainless steel. Not the fake stainless steel either. If the flooring is an issue luxury vinyl plank flooring is durable and relatively inexpensive to install.

After the kitchen, I would address the curb appeal and update any bathrooms that the woman would be spending her time in. Paint and carpet are classic quick fix concepts but make sure that cleanliness is involved as well. In high traffic areas don’t just replace the carpet change it to luxury vinyl plank. Next would be to change out all of the outlets and switches that are in disrepair. Change out all the switch covers and any vent covers as well. This cost is so little and makes such a huge difference. Change any lighting that is dated or in some cases a room needs a ceiling fan instead of a light.

Another huge bonus is to make sure that the front door is nicely painted. When in doubt go with classic red it has been market-tested nationally to be the best color of any front door.

Also, change the hardware on the door including and not limited to a brass kick-plate and door knocker if necessary. The next step would be to address any basement areas that are dirty and dingy. Painting all the exterior walls with a water-resistant primer and painting the floor with gray cement paint is a game-changer in the basement. Also, add a few pull string lights if the basement is not bright enough. Finally, make sure the entire home smells delightful and replace all light bulbs with 75 to 100 W LED yellow finish. This is a shortlist of inexpensive quick-fix items that can be done to completely revitalize the feel and look of a home. Almost everything on this list can be done for between five and $10,000 and would raise the value on most homes substantially. When you try these ideas please let me know what worked.

— Joshua Dudgeon

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