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2020 Company Goals | Explosive Growth

2020 has a great ring to it. It has always seemed like a year that was WAY out in the future and yet it is upon us now. The company goal we will achieve in 2020 is one that we’ve been working on for many years.

Building the Machine!

I’ve always said that I’m not building a house, or doing a rehab project, I am building a machine/company that produces a quantity of finished deals every month.

The goal that we will achieve at the beginning of 2020 is setting this machine at a pace to accomplish four deals a month.

To some this seems ambitious, but it has been a goal for some time and we currently have the pieces in place to accomplish it.

We understand that this will not be easy, but easy and goals usually don’t belong in the same sentence.

How Important Is Goal Setting?

Over the years I have found that goal setting is important but the “way” we set our goals has a drastic effect on the outcome.

If you’ve ever seen a fighter jet takeoff from an aircraft carrier you will have noticed that as soon as the jet leaves the ship it drops several feet. This is because gravity has taken over and the transfer from wheels to wings loses altitude.

The same effect occurs when you jump off a cliff or a diving board. It is necessary to jump up and out or you immediately start down.

These examples are useful when goal planning. Goals as with the gravity of life will take over and inevitably drag you down unless you keep at it.

Without goal setting, it is impossible to achieve growth.

Murphy Lives In Every House

Murphy’s Law says, what can go wrong will go wrong. If you have ever set out to achieve something great you have probably found that Murphy lives next-door. Sometimes he’s even moved into your house.

I have found Murphy living in every house I’ve ever rehabbed AND it is a pain in the neck to evict him. We have learned to deal with Murphy and anticipate his moves!

As for goal setting, we not only set them high, but we are attaching timelines and will be furnishing our readers with updates. Set your goals higher than you think you can achieve and then push with all your might, and you will find better results.

Don’t ever settle for what the naysayers want you to settle for.

Have a great 2020 and thanks for reading!

— Joshua Dudgeon

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