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Continued Success: 2019 Company Wrap-up

2019 has been my favorite year in business so far. It has been a rebuilding year as we have cleaned up old messes and laid the groundwork for a great 2020.

This year we have reshaped the business by increasing our priorities from handling what comes at us – to strategically planning each role to get optimal efficiency.

What does this mean?

We have put systems in place to handle things that slow our business and team down. We have strategically added team members and restructured the order projects will be taken on to most efficiently use the team.

The market continually moves, and we must be agile enough to move with the market. For instance, there is a massive shortage of housing in our market, so we are building new houses along with the rehabs we continue to do. We are also planning a multi-unit building that could either be rented or sold as condominiums as the first-time homeowner entry price begins to climb.

There are very few quality homes for less than $150,000 in our market. We have seen condominium projects completed in the La Crosse market and successfully sell quickly. This is a newer development but one that seems to be getting traction.

To highlight this demand there is a downtown La Crosse building, the old county building, that was rehabbed, and two floors were added to provide condo lofts. This product was 900-1200 sq. ft. lofts that sold for $210,000-$230,000. Proof that the market conditions are changing in our La Crosse market.

Holmen continues to explode with growth, new subdivisions and new houses going in every month. And many multi-unit buildings for rentals have been built and the rental prices have not been dropping.

West Salem also has very little inventory and so we have purchased lots to build in West Salem as well.

This year we have retooled and hired great team members to facilitate hitting the growth plans that we’ve had for several years.

We also have figured out new opportunities for our investors including a way to invest with us that provides a high rate of return and is TAX-FREE FOREVER! Give me a call on my cell phone at (608) 306-1199 for more information.

We will keep you updated on the great investment opportunities available and how we can help with your investment needs.

— Joshua Dudgeon

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