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Christmas Family Traditions

Christmas is a season for everyone to enjoy. There are many Christmas traditions dedicated to family. A common tradition is to open gifts on Christmas morning. Often families get to watch children play with new toys for the rest of the Christmas season. Another tradition is to take your children Christmas shopping, or visiting Santa in a store or a parade. These traditions keep Christmas magical for kids and adults alike.

Being newly married and having kids of my own, I have been searching for ideas to start our very own Christmas traditions. One idea that I came across was a “Christmas Eve Gift Box”. Although most families have their children wait till Christmas morning to open their gifts, a Christmas Eve gift box is made for Christmas Eve. The box may contain Christmas themed pajamas, Christmas themed movies, snacks for the movies, hot chocolate, and Christmas books. Sometimes the box even has a board game in it. This tradition brings a night filled with movies, family fun, and snacks. What more can you ask for?

By creating this new Christmas tradition, I feel that it will give my children and us parents something to look forward to every Christmas Eve. This is because family time has always been very important to me. It is a wonderful way to bond and feel closeness with your children.

In today’s world, so often children turn to their phones or tablets for communication and bonding. This year let’s take some of the technology out of Christmas and find a way back to its real meaning, which is love and togetherness. It’s time to go back and connect one on one with your loved ones.

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