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Do You Deserve Better Returns?

Could You Be Happier With Your Investments?

Do you feel financially insecure investing in today’s stock market?

What if we told you that there is a place to invest your money where your rate of return is backed up by real assets? What if we told you that this investment has the potential to outperform your 401k?

Perhaps you already know where we’re going with this – Real Estate. But what if we told you that you can invest in real estate without getting your hands dirty? We are holding out to you the opportunity to become a private money lender.

We are a real estate investing business that has been buying and rehabbing houses in the La Crosse area since 2008. We then lease or sell the houses and we can sell with owner financing because we own the homes.

We partner with private money lenders such as yourself in buying our houses. These private lenders are typically paid off within three years and receive more than 5% return on their money. Once we have paid our lenders, they have no obligation to continue partnering with us. But more often than not our private money lenders turn their money right back over to buy more houses.

So whether you want to move away from investing in the stock market or are simply looking for a way to expand your portfolio, private money lending is the place for you!

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