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REIR vs. Edward Jones

No Fee Investing… REIR Gives You An Immediate 8% Increase In Your Portfolio!


Front Load Fees…What Are They?

The difference between investing in Edward Jones (or any company that charges front load fees) and investing in one of our real estate projects is substantial. Front load fees can range from about 3% to 5.5%. A 3% front load fee takes your portfolio down from a $100,000.00 to $97,000.00. With a great annual return of 7% it will take approximately 158 days to start earning money above your initial $100,000.00 investment.

Edward Jones average return rates vary from, depending upon your risk factors, conservative retirement returns get 4.5% to 5%. An Edward Jones mid-risk average is a U S based market gets 5% to 7% and then their highest returns are in the international market and the returns are somewhere between 7% and 9%.

You Lose Almost A Half of Year

This means you are losing almost a half of year of investment returns by investing with a front load fee investment company like Edward Jones vs. investing in a real estate project with us at REIR.CO.

No Fee Investing

Investing in a real estate project with us is quite different. Not only do we not charge fees, we immediately add 5 points (5%) to your investment at the closing table on the note and mortgage attached to a real property.

Instead of us taking 3% from your portfolio, we add five points or 5% to your portfolio. Your $100,000.00 turns immediately into $105,000.00. If you invest $300,000.00 it turns immediately into $315,000.00.

On Day Two You Are Already Ahead

If we paid you back on day two, you would automatically have gained $5,000. You then begin to earn the 7% on the entire $105,000. You not only do not lose 3%, but you gain 5% and immediately start earning a return on that gain and your investment.

Your annual return on investment (ROI) of 5 points and 7% ends up being an annual return ratio of 12.35% because you are gaining money on the points as well.

Massive Growth Portfolios ROI

When you invest in multiple projects a year you gain 5 points each time the money is rolled over.

So even though the 7% per year is a real annual rate, each time you do a new project, there’s another 5 points.

Your annual return goes from 5 points plus 7%, which is 12% to 5 points plus 5 points plus 7%, which is 17% annual return. If we were to do three projects in one year with the same money, it would actually go to 22% annual return.

This is the huge advantage of investing with us in real estate versus investing with a product like Edward Jones.

Get an Immediate 8% Swing in Your Portfolio

On your first deal, it’s actually an 8% gain on your portfolio because If you stop paying 3% front load fees and bring your investment to one of our real estate projects and we add 5 points (5%), it is a true 8% swing in your portfolio.


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