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My Greatest Influencer

Ron Le Grand is a professional mentor in real estate who has done many thousands of deals. I have learned more about real estate investing from Ron than any-other real estate mentor that in the last 12 years. I discovered Ron, while I was studying real estate with other mentors. As I began my study in real estate investing, some of my mentors began to mention Ron in passing. They mentioned that he was one of the people that influenced them greatly, so I started to seek out his material. When I found it, I realized that he was the most in-depth teacher in the marketplace. He also was the one who taught the MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer) formula, which is a game changer in real estate investing.

Buy Real Estate Right

Ron taught that you make your money when you buy, and you realize your profit when you sell. He also said if you buy wrong, you can never really unhook or undo that mistake in that single property. So, after years of listening to mentors and paying for mentorships, I have found that Ron Le Grand is the best mentor I've ever had in real estate. He is also the best deal for the price. Ron’s advice has kept me from making huge mistakes and has influenced some of the most successful investors.

Early Years

Ron grew up in Florida where his father owned and ran a small traveling carnival in his formative years. Ron worked hard and developed skills as a mechanic and went back and forth between the two careers. Once he was married, he found that he did not want to be on the road away from his wife and children, even though the money was better than being a mechanic. He began to read books about real estate investing. When he heard about a real estate course being taught, he borrowed the $300 for the course and began doing small, cookie cutter deals. Ron talks about how he learned from the school of hard knocks. If you pay attention to his mentoring, he will keep you out of a lot of trouble.

I've personally known of several other investors that went to other seminars and paid more than it cost to purchase Ron’s entire package. These investors end up only learning about one tiny niche of real estate investing.

When I first started listening to Ron, I bought his package. I think the material has been updated, but the courses I started with were The Ugly House Business, The Wholesale Business, and The Pretty House Business. I listened to each course which came with between five and 12 CDs. I listened to every CD over 30 times and that's how I got started on my real estate investing business.

Ron also taught that you must look at a lot of deals to find the good deals. I walked through over 150 houses before I bought my first house, as I didn't know what I was doing. However, I did have the MAO formula that Ron had taught me. While I was looking, I noticed that others were willing to pay way over what my formula would allow. I watched as one investor bought five different properties that were $30,000 to $50,000 over what the MAO formula would allow. I can remember thinking, “how can this investor can pay so much?”. It turns out, over the next three to five years, he lost all five properties. He did not have the benefit of a great mentor and the safety net of the MAO formula.

Lesson Learned

The lesson I learned was – never compare other investors business decisions or financial investments to my own. I do not care if someone will pay more than MAO, I will not. I credit Ron Le Grand with a great deal of my success in my business. He is the mentor that taught me the most about real estate. You can check him out at

If you have any questions about real estate, investing, or business in general, feel free to give me a call on my cell phone at 608-306-1199.

Thanks for reading.

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