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Do You Smile?

Spend the next few days observing yourself and other people. Pay attention to how you carry yourself and how others carry themselves. You will see all postures and styles, but your subconscious will clue you in to what you like and what repels you.

The point of this exercise isn't to be someone you're not. You may observe someone with swagger who's spreading around like the king of the roost, but that may be so far from who you are, it would be silly to try to be that person.

If God Walked into The Room

What I am talking about is taking the time to check how you're presenting yourself to the world. Check your physicality numerous times during the day and try to smile, stand, talk and gesture in a manner that represents the best you.

If God walked into the room you're sitting in right now and said, "Tell me something going on in your life."

  • How would you sit?

  • Would your shoulders be straight with your eyes wide open?

  • Would you be attentively listening or just waiting to talk?

Create a role model in your mind, and become that role model. God is just an example of someone who is watching you, but you can pick anyone else and pretend they are always watching.

These Physical Traits Will Become a Habit

As you practice using the body language that represents who you want to be, not only will these physical traits become a habit, they will create a byproduct so much bigger than you think. Most people are attracted to happy and positive people. Think about the most obvious and universal happy physical trait, a smile. What do you think a smile is worth? Do you know?

The Power of a Smile

There have been numerous studies done about the power of a smile. This absolutely blew my mind. Someday when you have time, try googling the effects of a smile. I recently learned that when you smile, your brain says, I thought we were stressed, but maybe we're not because we're smiling. When you smile

  • stress literally goes down immediately

  • your subconscious is so powerful that it's able to tell your brain, "Hey everybody, we're smiling!"

  • your Brain says… We must be happy.

The science and the studies prove that if you smile more, you'll live longer and lower your blood pressure. You'll make more and better friends and it will actually improve your marriage.

One study took a collection of high school photos and studied the people with the biggest smiles in the yearbooks compared to the people who took yearbook pictures with a serious look on their face.

The study looked at the students thirty years later, because the goal was to find out who was happier, who made more money, who had better relationships, and who lived longer.

The People Who Smiled Blew Away by Far the People Who Didn't Smile

The people who smiled in the yearbook blew away by far the people who didn't smile in every category. Insane, right?

If a simple smile can do all that, what would life be like if you also stood up straight, held your head high and your shoulders back and talked with energy and enthusiasm? What if you were a positive presence for the people you like to be around? Even if you're just faking it at first, soon you will become that person that people want to hang out with because you radiate positivity. When you become that person with a better outer appearance, you attract similar people into your life and repel the people who could bring you down. Yes, this is the success habit that can allow you to attract abundance into your life, but it will also lift you up when you see yourself in a picture or a mirror. Don't take the success habit lightly.

Always remember to Smile!

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