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We Love Our Private Investors

Here at Real Estate Investment Results (REIR), we appreciate our investors each and every day. We realize it can come off as mushy, but we really do love our investors — here are a few reasons why. 1. You make us look forward to Mondays. OK, well, maybe not all of us look forward to Mondays (we’re only human after all). But while most people are familiar with the saying “TGIF,” REIR associates who work closely with Joshua have often heard him say, “TGIM!” Josh insists Monday is his favorite day because he enjoys his job that much. As the head of the investor engagement team, Joshua assists investors from all of over the United States. When asked what he likes most about working at REIR, Josh

My Very First Rehab

3022 Losey Blvd, La Crosse WI Looking back to when I started in real estate it seems like a lifetime ago. After 10 years in the business, I almost hate to remember how much of a “wet behind the ears greenhorn” I was. I believe I wore out three separate Realtors trying to buy houses in the hottest market in decades. I had my little formula, a $1,500 earnest deposit, and my “pre-approval” to prove that I could close the deal. I walked through over 150 houses before I ever got one under contract. I remember watching another investor pay substantially more than what I thought he should pay, and I wondered, how will he be able to make money? I found out how, three years later he lost all five of

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