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2020 Company Goals | Explosive Growth

2020 has a great ring to it. It has always seemed like a year that was WAY out in the future and yet it is upon us now. The company goal we will achieve in 2020 is one that we’ve been working on for many years. Building the Machine! I’ve always said that I’m not building a house, or doing a rehab project, I am building a machine/company that produces a quantity of finished deals every month. The goal that we will achieve at the beginning of 2020 is setting this machine at a pace to accomplish four deals a month. To some this seems ambitious, but it has been a goal for some time and we currently have the pieces in place to accomplish it. We understand that this will not be easy, but easy and

10 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

The team at Real Estate Investment Results truly believes that investing in real estate is the best way to earn a passive income, save for retirement, and build a diversified investment portfolio. In our experience, real estate investing is the best form of investment because you get to use other people’s money (a renter or tenant) to pay off your initial investment while simultaneously increasing your monthly cash flow. Sounds great, right? If you’re wondering if investing in real estate or purchasing a multifamily real estate investment property is right for you, we’ve compiled the top ten reasons why investing in real estate through Real Estate Investment Results is a turnkey solution to

Did you know... the life span of most Evergreen trees is 100-200 years?

You’ve worked hard your whole life. You want to put your money toward things that last – quality items like your home or your education. We understand. We want to make sure our investments are able to stand the test of time. That’s why we invest in real estate. Since ancient times, land has been recognized for its value. Unlike the investments the stock market offers, real estate isn’t going anywhere. Land isn’t going out of fashion any time soon, and it naturally rises in value over time. Real estate investments are made to last – evergreen like Christmas trees and as tenacious as your Christmas traditions. If you would like to learn more about real estate investing and how you can invest y

Continued Success: 2019 Company Wrap-up

2019 has been my favorite year in business so far. It has been a rebuilding year as we have cleaned up old messes and laid the groundwork for a great 2020. This year we have reshaped the business by increasing our priorities from handling what comes at us – to strategically planning each role to get optimal efficiency. What does this mean? We have put systems in place to handle things that slow our business and team down. We have strategically added team members and restructured the order projects will be taken on to most efficiently use the team. The market continually moves, and we must be agile enough to move with the market. For instance, there is a massive shortage of housing in our mar

Real Estate Trends of 2019

So far, 2019 has been a promising year for both real estate investors and would-be homebuyers in the US housing market. Throughout the year, the rise in home prices has started to slow, mortgage rates dipped to unexpected lows, and many predicted that a buyer’s market might be on the horizon. Moreover, the economy is in good shape, the job market is robust, and the unemployment rate is down. All this is good news for anyone thinking of buying an investment property right now. An understanding of real estate facts and statistics helps you to identify movement in local markets and better predict the right neighborhoods, properties, and features to invest in. What follows are some of the statis

What “Closing” Means

When I first got into the business of Real Estate I followed a few mentors. At these meetings, one of the discussions always pertained to the importance of the Closing day. When you’re getting started there’s a lot of information to take in and it’s hard to gauge what’s important and what’s very important. I always took “Closing” seriously, but after a few years of not only doing multiple projects but trying to improve the speed at which we do business, I have come to a greater appreciation of what the Closing date means. Getting a buyer or seller across the finish line is a major undertaking. Any professional that can complete this task is certainly worth their fee. I’ve always believed in

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