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Synergy in the Workplace

What Is Synergy? The English word “synergy” may sound like an overwrought business buzzword, but it’s actually classical in origin. It comes from the Greek roots “sun” (meaning “together”) and “ergon” (meaning work). The conjugation was passed on to the Romans, who used it to mean “cooperation,” and then was passed to English in the mid-1800s. At first, the word was only used in English by social theorists and philosophers. Then early chemists, as they began to differentiate between atoms and molecules, found they had a word-shaped hole in their academic lexicon. Basically, they had no way to account for how base elements (like sodium and chlorine) combined into molecules (like table salt) w

Stock Market VS. Real Estate

For new and hopeful passive investors, most of the accessible information on the topic of the stock market versus real estate presents widely varying opinions. The presentations tend to complicate things by assuming you have a solid education in both fields. Then rather than feeling informed, this type of guidance leaves you in a state of confusion and frustration. For newcomers to the debate of real estate or the stock market, I feel it’s best to simplify the subject to ensure you can capture the basics. It’s most important to provide enough information so you can start asking better questions as you embark on an investing path. I am assuming that you want to grow your retirement funds in a

The Rise of Barndominiums

Have you considered a barndominium as an option for your new home? Hearing the word “barndominium” can be enough to throw you into the void of confusion, especially if you’re not familiar with the various types of buildings out there. Although the word was not so popular a while ago, it has started to gain some traction lately. If you thought that barns are only home to horses and cows and such, think again. Barndominiums, have become a popular option for homebuyers looking for an alternative to traditional stick-built new homes. So, what are barndominiums and why should you consider them? Here is all you need to know. What Are Barndominiums? The word “barndominium” itself is composed of a p

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