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Are You Living Your Dream?

Living your dream has never been more possible in all of history than right now. It is supprising how many people do not realize how possible it is to live their dream. How can you? Know yourself​​​​​​​​! Write a list of what you love and a list of what you hate.​​ Focus on how to do what you Love . Stop doing what you Hate. Figure out where you would like to go and who you would like to meet.​ Plan how you will get there. Change plan every time you hit a road block.​​ ​Execute, Execute, Execute!​ ​ Thanks for reading our site! ​ Feel free to reach out to me on my cell phone @ (608) 306-1199. ​ Joshua Dudgeon.

The MAO Formula (How We Buy!)

MAO stands for Maximum-Allowable-Offer. I learned the MAO formula from my mentor Ron Le Grand and it is probably the best formula in the real estate business. Ron always likes to say, “If you're upkeep is greater than your income, than your outgo will be your downfall.” In real estate investing, the MAO formula is what keeps you from being in a bad situation. Maximum allowable offer, or MAO, is probably the best and safest formula to use when purchasing real estate of any stripe. When it comes to financing real estate, you must have unencumbered cash-flow to cover debt service. And the best way to do this is to buy real-estate properly. This is where the MAO formula is important. It equals v

Do You Deserve Better Returns?

Could You Be Happier With Your Investments? ​ Do you feel financially insecure investing in today’s stock market? ​ What if we told you that there is a place to invest your money where your rate of return is backed up by real assets? What if we told you that this investment has the potential to outperform your 401k? Perhaps you already know where we’re going with this – Real Estate. But what if we told you that you can invest in real estate without getting your hands dirty? We are holding out to you the opportunity to become a private money lender. We are a real estate investing business that has been buying and rehabbing houses in the La Crosse area since 2008. We then lease or sell the

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